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Cable gland is intended to accommodate and seal separately power cable cores and, if necessary, input device for capillary tube due to drafting with rubber seal.
The flare fitting CG position 1 is installed on a reducing coupling mounted on the field end of the tubing pipe NKT – 60 GOST 633-80 of the Christmas tree where a flow column of the tubing is suspended.

Dimensions and Characteristics.

Dimensions and characteristics of the cable gland should match the data in chart № 1.

No п/п Dimensions and Characteristics unit of measurement ВК 60х21-00 ВК 60х21-01 ВК 60х21-02
1 Diameter of the cable cores mm 11 11 11
2 Number of holes (for 3 cable cores)   3 3 0
3 Capillary tube hole     1 1
4 Working pressure up to: mPa 21 21 21
5 Overall dimensions a) length; b) diameter mm 207 88 207 88 207 88
6 Weight of the cable gland kg 4 4 4
  1. Fig. 1 – pos.7 for arrangement of 3-core power oil submersible cable (d1).
  2. Fig.2 – pos.7 for arrangement of 3-core power oil submersible cable and capillary tube injection unit (d1 and d2).
  3. Fig.3 – pos.7 for input of 1-core cable or capillary tube injection unit (d2).
  4. *dimensions d1 and d2 are to be agreed upon the customer. Serial variant: d1-11, d2=11.5